Thursday, January 31, 2013

U.S. Congressman supports new subs, F-16s for Taiwan

U.S. Congressman Edward Royce (R-CA) said in Taipei on Monday he is in favor That of the United States selling new submarines and fighter F-16 jets to Taiwan.

"With respect to submarines, Taiwan is in need of upgrades in terms of Their submarine fleet and I support newer subs for Taiwan," Royce, the new chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Said at a press conference.

He Said the focus of the U.S. is on the objective of diesel submarines Obtain HAVING Taiwan. "Our goal is to find an effective way to meet That objective," he added.

Pointing out congressional delegation que le icts he led on January 26-28 visit to Taiwan is here to learn more about the country's defense needs, Royce Said his delegation has "Begun That process" of meeting That objective. He added a day That Earlier, the delegation toured one of the Navy's submarines Existing has Guppy-class "Sea Lion" in southern Taiwan, as well as Attended a briefing on Taiwan's defense needs.

Meanwhile, Royce Said he Believes "Taiwan Should Have the Ability to Acquire new F-16s" and That He Has in the past urged the U.S. administration to grant That request from Taiwan. Asked if Taiwan shoulds life for the next generation of F-35 fighter jets, the congressman Said he Believes que le F-16C/Ds Would Be a "better decision."

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