Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Egyptian army ensures that protect the Suez Canal

While the situation remains worrying in Egypt, where riots have claimed dozens of lives since last Thursday, the military came out yesterday for them. The staff of the Egyptian army has indicated in a statement that the strategic locations of the country, starting with the Suez Canal would be protected. Additional security measures have also been taken to ensure freedom of navigation in this passage Strategic begins worldwide.

The Chief of Staff of the Egyptian Army, Abdel Fattah, was very concerned about the crisis in Egypt by now: "The continuing conflict between political forces on the progress of the State risqu (e) lead to the collapse of the state, "he said, assuring that the army would remain a" solid block ", a foundation on which" lie the foundations of the state. "

For the record, President Mohammed Morsi has declared Sunday a state of emergency in Suez, Port Said and Ismailia, following clashes that erupted after the death sentences of 21 people accused of involvement in violence which led to the death of 74 people (including supporters of the football club of Cairo) in February 2012 in Port Said. The state of emergency has, however, been observed and deadly clashes against the police since the rioters.

Under these conditions, anxiety disorders grows before shaking the region of the heart which opens one of the two ends of the Suez Canal. Essential in order to thousands of commercial vessels, including containerships linking Asia and Europe, the book, which connects the Red Sea
to the Indian Ocean, is also one of the main sources of currency of the Egyptian economy, with some 5 billion tolls collected from 10 to 15,000 vessels each year via the.

Outside the transit through the Suez Canal, which is not affected by the violence currently taking place in Egypt, it seems that the same is true for port activities, particularly in Port Said. It is in any case what is stated yesterday at a shipowner operating on site.

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