Thursday, January 31, 2013

China's increasing military power conducive to peace in Asia-Pacific

Recently, Chinese people have heard much good news from the military industry. Soon after the “Y-20” jumbo air freighter succeeded in its first flight, there came the news that China successfully carried out its interceptor missile test. Thinking of previous outstanding performances including the launch of aircraft carrier, trial flight of the fifth-generation fighter jets and opening of Beidou satellite navigation system, Chinese people feel deeply proud.

For some narrow-minded Western media, China’s increasing military power seems to have given more evidence on the argument of “Chinese Military Threat Theory”, and makes it easy to draw a conclusion of “Every powerful country is inclined to seek hegemony”.

In fact, contrary to speculations held by some Western figures, China enhances its armament level only for the purpose of better maintaining regional and world peace. The world is not peaceful nowadays. More than 20 years have passed since the Cold War; Western countries have started five wars in a row, namely the Gulf War in 1991, the Kosovo War in 1999, the Afghanistan War in 2001, the Iraq War in 2003 and the Libya War in 2011. In retrospect of wars in the past few years, it is easy to see that the more unbalanced two countries’ military power is, the more Western powers want to start a war.

Peaceful relation between countries is established on the basis of equivalent power. Only powerful countries have the right to talk about good will and secure peaceful relations.

To realize the “Chinese Dream” of national rejuvenation is the biggest goal for China, and domestic modernization is in need of stable and peaceful external environment. However, the United States accelerates its eastern-oriented military strategy in fear of China’s rise and the security environment around China is getting increasingly complicated, casting an imminent shadow of war.

In regard to security issues, China has to rely on its own and should not anchor hope on the “good will” of our rivals. With continuous external provocation and extending security threats in east China, the news demonstrating China’s increasing military power is particularly timely. The more powerful China’s military is, the more likely the Asia-Pacific region will remain stable and peaceful.

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  1. If China wants peace,the PLA must be strong and able to deter who else but the US from
    imposing its will on China.During the 50s right up to 1996,the US had threatened China with nuclear attack/destruction.According to the US secret files,US military chiefs had wanted to hit China with the atomic bomb during the 1954 and 58 Taiwan crisis.Fortunately Mao recognised China was no match for the US and scaled down his attack otherwise if he had crossed the redlines imposed by the US President Eisenhower,the latter would have authorised atomic bombattack on China.
    Since then China has upgrade its military not to tangle with the US or sprint to parity with US military power.There is no need for that.The PLA is now strong enough to withstand a US conventional /nuclear attack and retaliate with devastating power.20 nm aint good enough. China must have at least a thousand nm able to respond.This is what is making the Pentagon edgy.
    The bull shit about China being a threat to Asia is a charade by the US whose forces
    have attacked defenceless countries.Of course they can defeat China but it will ignite ww3 and the US will
    have to a massive price.



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