Sunday, January 27, 2013

China tests she's anti-ship missiles?

Argentine military forums recently released satellite images of Google Earth showing a white artificial structure approximately 200 meters long in the Gobi Desert in China (source:SAORBATS ).

This structure could serve as a full-scale simulation of a U.S. military aircraft carrier. One can see two huge craters bombing.

These photos could reveal the existence of tests anti-ship ballistic missile DF-21D dubbed "aircraft carrier killer". The defense analyst Roger Cliff commented information for the site t :
"Keep in mind that to successfully attack a U.S. Navy ship with a ballistic missile, China must first detect the vessel, identified as a U.S. warship and its type (eg an aircraft carrier), acquire a fairly precise location so that missile can be launched on it knowing that it is a moving target and the missile will adjust its trajectory during its journey. Finally, the warhead must lock onto the ship. '

In terms of cons-measures, Roger Cliff also explained that the United States have a number of options, although some may be difficult to use:

"The Chinese radars used to detect vessels may be obscured or destroyed. It is also possible to identify a smoke obscuring the image of a spy satellite that follows a predictable orbit, which passes over a training ship. Updates can be locked when the missile locks onto the target or even intercepted knowing that it is the option most difficult. '

But the DF-21D missile is actually a defensive weapon. Its maximum estimated between 2700 and 3000 km to the limit of the regional defense and China poses no threat to U.S. territory.

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