Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Major technical stop the frigate "Guépratte"

Entered into major technical stop mid-October, "Guépratte," arrives at the end of the vesting period.

In this work, the frigate is "a facelift", including its hull and carrying out technical inspections significant periodic maintenance and modernization of its facilities: modernization of air conditioning, major overhaul of the whole "engines, gearboxes, generators, lines of trees." The propellers were completely disassembled and reassembled visited.

"Dead works" (above the waterline) received a new coat polyurethane paint provides better corrosion resistance, the "vitals" (submerged part) they have received about a painting silicone which will reduce the friction between the hull and water, thus reducing as much as 10% in fuel consumption.

Beyond the scheduled maintenance of most of the weapons and equipment, new radar navigation and landing more efficient have been installed. Renewal largest in electronics is the installation of new information and communication RIFAN 2: radio, networks and distribution. The "Guépratte" is the first building of its kind to be fully equipped with the new system

The crew live intensely this time stopping technique, which is a key player. Indeed it retains full responsibility for the building and its equipment, including their safety, security and operation of installations. It carries himself with a lot of work while being heavily involved in the preparation, conduct, and follow the recipe on the work of outsiders, under prime contractor DCNS, owner maintenance contract stealth frigates light passed through the service fleet support.

These elements will allow the "Guépratte" back to sea, eagerly awaited moment! The output of the basin and tests are planned for the second half of January to return availability at the beginning of February.

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