Thursday, January 31, 2013

Indian Army for UAV missile simulator

The Indian Army is in the market for a mission simulator to train UAV crews in operating IAI Heron and Searcher Mk.2 surveillance UAVs. The Army has stipulated that the UAV mission simulator should be capable of conducting initial and refresher training of external pilot, internal pilot, mission commander and observer with a separate console available to the instructor.

The Army proposes to use the simulator for simulation of single, air data relay (ADR) mission scenario, maritime scenario, with or without satellite communication (SATCOM) for single or multiple payloads, simulation of all phases of UAV mission as well as its payloads and to play pre recorded missions with annotations for analysis, rraining of internal pilot, external pilot, mission commander and observer in stand alone mode and as coordinated crew of a mission,
training on all types of UAV emergencies and to carry out student assessments.

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