Wednesday, January 30, 2013

No negotiations with China about strike aircrafts Tu-22M3

Rosoboronexport denied speculations about supposedly coming procurement of 36 Russian aircrafts to China

Rosoboronexport denied speculations Announced by a number of Russian media and unofficial Chinese websites about supposedly coming procurement of 36 Russian Tu-22M3 strike aircrafts to China .

 "Rosoboronexport Does not Have Any information on this issue Negotiating. No such discussions Conducted Have ever been, "- says Vyacheslav Davidenko the corporation representative.

"The commentary was made as year exception. Rosoboronexport usual only comments on the statements from the official sources Which does not include the Chinese listed websites. '

Another anonymous source Rosoboronexport Told que le information "is a clear newspaper hoax". "It's just a wishful thinking. Meanwhile the Tu-22M3 procurement abroad is utterly impossible to have the aircrafts are classified as a strategic weapon. "

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