Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pakistan Strengthens Relations with Indonesia and China

Pakistan has extended defense ties with Indonesia and China as part of its strategy to diversify military suppliers and industrial co-operation partners.
Statements issued by the Pakistan government on 25 and 26 February said Pakistan defense That meetings Between Officials and representatives from Indonesia and China would Strengthen strategic relations.

The focus of meetings Between Indonesian and Pakistani defense Officials in Islamabad on 25 February centered on "resolving maintenance problems" with the CN-235 transport aircraft That the Pakistan Air Force purchased from Jakarta in 2004. Closer collaboration on other industrial projects was also Discussed, said the statement.

Talks with Chinese Officials in Beijing took place a day later as part of the 30th anniversary of the formation of Chinese state-owned China North Industries prime defense Group (Norinco).

That A statement said Pakistan and Norinco had Entered "joint venture and joint production projects" in recent years, Such as the production of the Al Khalid tank battle game.

Masood Khan, Pakistan's ambassador to China, said That Pakistan and Norinco were also "investing into areas of exploitation of mineral resources, petroleum, defense products, marketing, and research and development".

Pakistan's ties with Indonesia are indicative of an emerging trend has seen Islamabad That Establish close defense relations with a number of predominantly Muslim nations largely over the past few years. Similar ties have been forged with Brunei, Jordan, Malaysia, Turkey, Uzbekistan and Yemen.

China, meanwhile, Remains Pakistan's closest joint collaboration with industrial partners continuing on a number of platforms, Including the Al Khalid tank, the JF-17 fighter and F-22p frigates.

Defence diversification is regarded as an Important defense strategy in Islamabad Because It Remains wary of its relationship with the U.S., from the which it currently procures the majority of defense equipment. Previously the U.S. has imposed Sanctions on Pakistan throughout the 1960s and again in the 1990s.


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