Sunday, January 31, 2010

Azerbaijan: the manufacture of products for defense doubled in 2010

Malaysia will transform the submarine museum in Ushant

Last French submarine with diesel propulsion, the Ushant will be transformed into a museum in Malaysia. In this perspective, a Malaysian delegation visited the building on Jan. 25, at Brest.Part of the series of four submarines of the type Agosta, the Ushant was built in Cherbourg.Along 67.6 meters for a displacement of 1,725 ​​tons submerged, the boat, manned by a crew of 54 sailors, has four 550mm tubes and could carry 20 torpedoes and Exocet SM39 anti-ship missiles. He served in the Navy from 1978 to 2001. Stored at Brest, the Ushant was back in service in 2005 for the purposes of Malaysia Scorpene contract. He thus trained to the sea of ​​the first crews of two new buildings commissioned by the Malaysian navy, which until then had no submarines. Rehabilitated by DCNS after 14 months of work, was chartered by the Ushant Navfco DCI in charge of cadet training in Malaysia. A total of 146 sailors got their qualification submariner during 42 trips to the sea and over 9100 hours of diving conducted between 2005 and 2009, year of delivery of the first Scorpene Malaysia, the Tunku Abdul Rahman (following the following year by the Tun Razak).
A time, Malaysia had planned to keep the school building as Ushant, but ultimately it was decided to transform it into a museum, since it is on board as the first Malaysian submariners in history have their weapons. The former French vessel should be transported via a semi-submersible vessel to the state of Malacca.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sri Lanka to export weapons & military products

The Sri Lanka Army is to offer for sale to foreign countries some of the military hardware which it has developed based on its experience gained in fighting the Tiger guerrillas, Army Commander Jagath Jayasuriya said. He said items for offer included a mini-UAV developed by the Army. This could be used for monitoring of security at public events or meetings.
Lt. Gen. Jayasuriya said the army had also developed bullet-proof jackets, additional security features in bullet-proof vehicles and weapons which had been modified. He said years of experience gained in fighting the Tiger guerrillas had been made use of by the army after the completion of the military operations against the LTTE to develop these weapons and equipment.
The Army Chief said these items would be on display for the invitees who would be here for the international seminar organized by the Army from May 31 to June 2 where the Army hoped to share its experience gained in defeating the LTTE.
Besides the Army, the Navy and the Air Force will also be putting on exhibition certain items which they have developed after the conclusion of the military operations and would be available for sale.
Navy Spokesman Athula Senarath said they had developed a Small Attack craft which could be used in security operations. He said the Wave Rider inshore Patrol Craft and another craft known as the Arrow Craft were other inventions of the Navy.
Weapons fitted to Dvora craft had also been invented by the Navy. Meanwhile, the Air Force is expected to announce details about its developments during its 60th anniversary celebrations in March.

20 top scientists quit DRDO in 6 months


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