Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Thailand Show New Variant DTI-1 Rocket Launcher

Defence Technology Institute (DTI) of a research body of Thailand Ministry of Defense recently issued a new variant of multi-barrel rocket launcher vehicles DTI-1 to the public. DTI-1 is a cooperation between DTI and China National Precision Machinery Import & Export Corporation (CPMIEC) with base WS-1 rocket launcher made ​​in China.

Significant difference from the vehicle's appearance from the previous serie is located on the driver's cabin was fully covered with steel plates. There is also a place for additional crew for blast-off line at the back of the driver's seat. Of vehicle allegedly used regular use of Volvo FM-400 6x6. Unexplained STANAG Level of fertilizer layer of protection for. 

As with WS-1 rocket launcher, the DTI-1 also has a diameter of 302 mm rockets and can reach targets as far as 180 km. The diameter of the rocket and the distance to reach the largest in the area. As we know, the Army corps artillery Thailand is indeed very powerful in arms

Rokets DTI-1 can be released with the speed of mach 5.2, the response time required for firing is 20 minutes. Weight dirty ledaknya upstream reach 150 kg, warhead type ZDB-2B worn as such used WS-1B China.

DTI still has a research agenda related to DTI-1, with fixed aided by CPMIEC state will expand the "DTI-1G [Guided]", by wearing the precision guided missile firing DTI-1 will be even better.  

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