Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Russian naval exercises in the Mediterranean are entering their final phase

Exercises international fleets conducted by Russia since January 20 in the eastern Mediterranean are entering their final phase. Buildings soon regain their homeports while others will be deployed in other areas.

Since 20 January, the Russian navy conducts extensive naval exrecices that mobilize units from fleets of the North, Baltic, Black Sea and the Pacific.

These exercises have resulted in such missiles against air and sea targets made by the missile cruiser Moskva (Black Sea Fleet), which housed the command center exercises, and the large ASW ship Smetlivy ( Black Sea Fleet). Large landing ships Azov and Saratov (Black Sea Fleet) for their part have simulated repel enemy air attack, and are supplied with artillery.

The great ship fight Severomorsk (Northern Fleet) conducted a series of exercises involving artillery, anti-aircraft and ASM. He has also done research missions and neutralization of mines floating and submerged. The men of the marines embarked on board were also trained in anti terrorist (see video below).

At the end of exerices, the ships of the Black Sea Fleet and the Baltic return to their respective bases on the territory of Russia, while the large ASW ship Severomorsk win the Gulf of Aden to conduct anti Mission piracy. And exalt the great ship Marshal Shaposhnikov ASW (Pacific Fleet), which currently crosses the coast of Somalia.

Since leaving his home base, the Severomorsk has covered 6,000 nautical miles with stops in Ceuta (Spain) and La Soda (Greece).

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