Sunday, January 27, 2013

Canada Receives first upgraded LAV III vehicle

Canada HAS taken delivery of icts Light Armoured Vehicle upgraded first (LAV) III, To Provide icts army units on the battlefield with enhanced defensive protection and firepower.

General Dynamics Land Systems - Canada (GDLS-C) vice president Danny Deep Said the vehicle was Delivered on-schedule.

"The upgrades We have incorporated on the LAV III will Significantly Enhance the vehicle's survivability, operational capability and long-term performance," Deep said.

GDLS-C was Awarded a $ 1.06bn C ($ 1.05bn) contract for modernization of a total of 550 LAV III vehicles in October 2011, with additional 80 year option for more vehicles.

AC $ 133.5m ($ 133.25m) contract modification was aussi Awarded to the company for additional upgrade of 66 fighting vehicles LAV III in November 2012.

The LAV III Upgrade Project Focuses on Enhancing the vehicle's survivability, mobility and efficiency, with the aim to extend the fleet's service life to 2035.

Survivability improvements include integration of double-V-hull technology and add-on armor protection, as well as energy-attenuating seats to Improve the vehicle's crew protection against mine blasts, improvised explosive device (IED) attacks and other terrorism threats.

As share of mobility system upgrades, a powerful engine, driveline and suspension and robust height management system (HMS) will be incorporated to optimize the vehicle's automotive performance, handling characteristics and payload capacity.

The company will aussi Improve the vehicle's 25mm turret crew ergonomics and capabilities by Incorporating larger hatches, Improved fire control, thermal, day and low-light sights and data displays.

Based on the IIIH MOWAG Piranha 8x8 vehicle, around 651 units are currently LAV III operational with the Canadian Army in Afghanistan and Other Areas of operation as the primary Mechanised infantry vehicles.

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