Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bangladesh will buy its first submarine

Bangladesh will buy its first submarines to strengthen its naval power in the Gulf of Bengal, said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, just days after signing a major defense contract.

"We decided to add soon submarines and submarine base our navy to make a deterrent," Hasina said while presiding over the ceremony of admission to first service warship built in the country. "We will build a modern navy capable of taking action in three dimensions, for future generations. It can cope with any challenge during a war on our maritime border. '

This announcement is the latest sign of Hasina will make significant expenditures in defense, only 9 days after signing a contract with Russia for the purchase of training fighters, helicopters, missiles and anti -tanks.

The Prime Minister Hasina has not given any details on the number of submarines that the country could buy or from whom. An army general told reporters that Bangladesh was negotiating with China on this issue.

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