Saturday, January 26, 2013

Certification Next Week, First Rudra Copter To Army At Aero India

With certification complete, the first weaponised ALH Dhruv armed helicopter, christened Rudra, will formally receive certification next week. The Indian Army will receive its first Rudra at Aero India that kicks off on February 6 at the Yelahanka air force base in South India.

Here's some official literature on the platform:

Rudra can carry 48 70mm rockets. Different warheads such as high explosive, darts, flechettes or cargo warheads provide adequate flexibility to address any type of target. These rockets can be safely delivered at standoff ranges of more than 8 km. The turret mounted 20 mm cannons can be cued to the electro optical pod or the pilot's helmet. This provides Rudra immediate and accurate firepower against ground and aerial targets. Pilot only has to look at the target and fire. With an advanced ballistic computer, the guns are very accurate even at extreme angles. Fire and forget anti-tank guided missiles with 7-km range make Rudra an ideal platform for ground support roles. Rudra can carry four air to air missiles. These are infra red guided fire and forget missiles with off axis boresight capability. Pilot can engage the target using the helmet mounted sight or with the electro optical pod, while manoeuvering.

State of the art sensors complement this tremendous firepower. Gyrostabilised electro optical sensors work on both visual and IR spectrum. Any type of target will be picked up and tracked at large distances, whether by day or by night. These targets can be handed over to the guided missiles or attacked with rockets and gun. The laser designator can designate the target for any compatible weapon. A comprehensive self protection suite would empower the pilot with essential situational awareness of the elctromagnetic and laser environment. Any missile launched on the helicopter would be picked up by the self protection suite and effective countermeasures dispensed automatically. This makes Rudra practically unassailable.

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