Saturday, January 26, 2013

PLA Naval H-6 bombers conduct bombing drill

A PLA Navy bomber squadron stationed along China’s southeast coastal region recently conducted a live-fire bombing exercise targeting an imaginary enemy port.

At 8:20 A.M., a green flare marked the start of the drill, and a dozen H-6 bombers took to the sky.

“Now starts radio silence! Keep your course by compass and meters!” said the drill commander.

On the mark, the lead bomber makes a drastic descent towards the sea surface, followed by his wingmen. The bomber pilots approach the combat zone at an extremely low attitude, an effective way to avoid radar detection.

At 9:45 A.M., as the bombers close in on the combat zone, they pull up to an attitude of 600 meters and spot the target in distance.

“Target in sight! Target locked!” reports each pilot. Soon after, bomb bay doors open and explosives hit the target area, splashing the water below.

In recent years, this naval bomber squadron has successfully practiced long-range raids, bomber-fighter coordinated bombing, low attitude stealth raids, and over-the-horizon precision strikes, creating an iron fists that guards China’s maritime borders.

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