Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Japanese Ministry of Defense is considering a request for cooperation underwater with the Royal Australian Navy

The Japanese Ministry of Defense is studying the possibility of sharing subsea technology developed by a manufacturer for the Japanese navy, with the Australian Navy.

As this technology is classified, sharing would be a sign of cooperation between friendly nations of the Asia-Pacific region where the Chinese navy has shown a growing presence.

Sharing of military technology is made possible by the easing in 2011 three principles respected by Japan regarding arms exports. However, Japan has not so far shared these technologies with countries other than the United States.

According to officials from the Australian Department of Defence, Australia approached Japan for technologies related to the propulsion of submarines. Officials in Tokyo are now considering the level of information to share.

The request came after a visit in May 2012 by a senior Australian aboard a Japanese submarine.

Submarines Japanese Soryu class have a propulsion. This system allows the submarine to remain submerged longer than submarines are deprived, who must rise to the surface to renew their air.

The relaxation of arms export principles provided exceptions for the development and production together.

It remains to determine the nature of technologies that can be transferred without counterparties instead of a mutual sharing.

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