Thursday, January 31, 2013

Israeli raid in Syria, a center of weapons hit by missiles

 Israeli aircraft struck Tuesday night in Syria convoy heading towards Lebanon, security sources said Wednesday while residents near Damascus told AFP that missiles had hit a research center on unconventional weapons.

According to them, the center, which is located in Al-Hameh, about fifteen kilometers north-west of Damascus, was hit by six missiles that were partially destroyed, causing a fire and killing at least two people.

A video posted by anti-regime region showed explosions in the night, and the flames on the ground.

However, security sources have said on condition of anonymity that it was an armed convoy to Lebanon who was hit on the Syrian side of the border to 11:30 p.m. GMT, without specifying the exact location the attack.

Israel has repeatedly threatened to attack convoys could carry chemical weapons or other weapons available to the Syrian army, such as long-range Scud missiles or anti-aircraft missiles to Lebanon for Hezbollah Shiite near Damascus and Tehran.

Questioned by AFP, a spokesman for the Israeli army declined to comment.

The Lebanese army has reported a particularly intensive overview of its territory, claiming that 16 Israeli warplanes had entered Lebanese airspace during Tuesday alone.

Tuesday, in violation of Lebanese sovereignty and resolution 1701, eight Israeli warplanes flew several Lebanese regions from 9:30 (0730 GMT) (...) and he left Lebanese airspace at 16:30, said a military statement.

Then, four Israeli warplanes flew several regions of Lebanon 4:30 p.m. to 9:05 p.m. after entering Lebanese airspace over the town of Remech, near the Israeli border, according to another statement.

Four other aircraft then flew over the Israeli Lebanon 9:05 p.m. to 2:00, in the same text.

Wednesday morning, before the information type, the retired General Amnon Sofrin, former intelligence chief in Mossad (the Israeli intelligence service) had held, told reporters, Israel has used unlikely to air strikes against chemical weapons depots because they behave in serious human and ecological risk.

The Israeli army has redeployed Sunday two batteries of Iron Dome anti-missile system in the north of the country for a possible military action against targets in Syria and Lebanon.

January 23, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu convened a meeting of the inner cabinet devoted to the threats that could pose to Israel to destabilize the Syrian regime, in the presence of the heads of the army and intelligence services.

Sunday, he warned against the major security threats that target Israel, citing Iran and lethal weapons in Syria is disintegrating.

During the war of July-August 2006 between Israel and Hezbollah, the latter had fired more than 4,000 rockets into northern Israel. The conflict that devastated Lebanon had more than 1,200 dead Lebanese side, mostly civilians, and 160 Israelis, mostly soldiers.

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