Monday, January 28, 2013

International forum on Cybersecurity for two days in Lille

The International Forum of cybersecurity (FIC) held its fifth Monday 28 and Tuesday 29 January at Lille Grand Palais. With three ministers, Flower Pellerin delegated to the digital economy, Kader Arif delegated to the Defense and the Interior to Manuel Valls, 1800 participants from 40 countries, we detect no password on the exploding. The pace of social networks, online payments, sales of mobile phones, tablets and other connected gems.

Cyber ​​power also rises. Attacks against French interests, ministries, Iranian responses to a U.S. assault are new digital battlefield. We will develop this topic in a future note Senator Jean-Marie Bockel, author of a report this year on the subject ...

On a more personal level, this shift towards e-e-society attract thieves. That have nothing to virtual organize and recruit rather small computer nerds that big door-guns. If there is no sufficiently precise encryption crimes on the Internet (when your antivirus blocking malware, you are not wearing complaint and in general, you do not know ...), the electronic payment reveals a strong trend: 800 000 made in France in 2011 against 500,000 in 2010 (Source Security Observatory payment cards).

The criminal imagination has no limits. She is new on the web sites of experiments that generate awareness and a young thriving economic sector: the protection of computer systems companies, governments, people. States and in a new kind of war called cyber defense.

Relevance of the topic and the international forum were born in the region thanks to Marc Watin-General of the National Gendarmerie Angouard, besides organizing the event, along with the Regional Council and a specialist company, CEIS. Sign of the times the first appointment of its kind in 2008 entitled Forum on Cybercrime. It was a curiosity. Now it is a reality.

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