Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Belarus presents unmanned helicopter model in Abu Dhabi

Belarusian defense companies are presenting their latest technologies, systems and equipment at the Middle East’s largest forum – the 11th international expo of armaments and security technologies IDEX 2013. The expo is scheduled to take place in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates on 17-21 February, BelTA learned from Mr Vladimir Lavrenyuk, a representative of the State Defense Industries Committee for Information and Public Relations.

The Belarusian defense industry is represented in a united booth featuring the latest technologies, military and dual-use products from nine Belarusian companies. Those are Belvneshpromservice, Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant, Radioelectronic Armament Repair Plant 2566, OAO Repair Plant No. 140, OAO AGAT - Control Systems – Managing Company of Geoinformation Control Systems Holding, OAO Peleng, the design bureau Display, OOO KB Indela, ZAO TsNIP. The Belarusian booth is organized by ZAO BelTechExport.

For the first time in Abu Dhabi visitors will be able to see development types of the dual-band portable defense and assault complex Shershen D, a missile launcher and a remote control console for an anti-tank missile complex Shershen, and a model of the unmanned aerial vehicle with vertical takeoff HUSKY. The HUSKY UAV is designed for a large number of practical applications, including the monitoring of territories and facilities, search operations, aerial photography and reconnaissance. Its key advantage is a compact two-bladed rotating wing, which enables the UAV to take off from and land on small platforms.

Another novelty presented at the expo is a command post carrier, which is fitted with arms controls. It has been developed by AGAT - Control Systems – Managing Company of Geoinformation Control Systems Holding. Apart from that, ZAO TsNIP has brought a standalone simulator of the anti-tank portable missile complex Skif to Abu Dhabi. Anyone can use the simulator to try his or her skills in operating the anti-tank portable missile complex. The simulator’s visualization capability and software allow realistic immersion in a combat environment and immediate results of firing solutions.

OAO Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant will present a lineup of wheeled chassis fit for various kinds of armaments in the shape of models. The lineup includes the high-sided truck MZKT 6001, which has earned its reputation of a reliable vehicle with the cross-country ability. It was praised by specialists and Russian manufacturers after its outstanding performance at the international expo Defense and Security 2012. Weighing 12.8 tonnes and using a 6x6 wheel arrangement, the vehicle can be used to transport command posts, mine clearance systems, antitank complexes, and other things.

The Belarusian booth will widely feature products by the holding company BelOMO such as various sights for small arms, surveillance and target marking equipment, flat-screen monitors for rough operational conditions, a helmet-mounted information system designed by the Design Bureau Display.

OAO Radioelectronic Armament Repair Plant 2566 and OAO Repair Plant No. 140 will demonstrate their ability to repair and modernize air defense solutions and armored vehicles.

Belarusian defense companies have traditionally exhibited their products at the major armaments expo IDEX in Abu Dhabi since 1999 as well as the aerospace expo Dubai Airshow, and the Middle East conference and expo of security, protection and rescue solutions Intersec. In turn, top-ranking military of the United Arab Emirates visit the international armaments and materiel expo MILEX, which is organized by the State Defense Industries Committee of Belarus. At present the UAE knows Belarusian defense products well, primarily fire control solutions for armored vehicles as well as heavy-duty automobiles for special purposes.

BelTA has been told that the participation in the IDEX 2013 expo will create favorable conditions for the promotion of military and technical cooperation between Belarus and the United Arab Emirates. It will encourage the expansion of business contacts with foreign organizations, promotion of represented products on the foreign market.

This year’s expo has gathered 1,112 companies from 59 countries. As many as 64 companies are taking part in the expo for the first time. Exhibits are on display in 38 national showrooms with the total area of 124,000 square meters. The net area of exhibition booths is 43,200 square meters. The UAE’s showroom is the largest one. It occupies 12,500 square meters and showcases military products of 147 UAE companies. The navy exposition NAVDEX featuring over 80 exhibitors is another characteristic trait of the expo. This year the water area of the exhibition center welcomes eight foreign combat ships.

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