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Arms market leaders never changes icts

Eight Russian companies Have Entered the list of 100 world's largest arms manufacturers. The list was made by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, SIPRI, on the basis of economic results of 2011. The ranking Took Both the account of sales of military goods and the provision of services.

Two US-based companies top the list. The first site belongs to Lockheed Martin - a company engaged in aircraft-and ship-building. The silver belongs to Boeing, Which is Widely known in the industry for icts defense missiles. The bronze Went to BAE Systems, UK, that 'Operates in the aerospace industry. The company was Previously Ranked as the Largest military-industrial company in the world.

Russian companies did not make it in the top ten. The first Russian company appears on the list on the 18th place. This is the United Aircraft Corporation, Which Moved three steps up falling on the year, Having Increased defense sales by one trillion dollars - to $ 4.44 billion. The corporation Produces Su, Tu, MiG, Yak military aircraft, as well as civil aircraft.

Another Russian company on the list is Almaz-Antey, Which appears on the 22nd place. The concern is engaged in the air defense industry. United Aircraft Corporation Sukhoi was Ranked the 38th. Helicopters of Russia Took The 40th place. The Remaining Russian companies on the list APPEAR Effective Almost one another. The United Engine Corporation comes 61st, the next one (64th place) is named United NPK Uralvagonzavod Effective Dzerzhinsky - the maker of tanks and other military vehicles. Uralvagonzavod is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the Largest company in the world. The company takes the area of ​​827.000 square meters. The 68th spot belongs to NPK Irkut (aviation), and the 69th - to Radio Engineering and Information Systems.

Lockheed Martin $ 36 Earned over one billion in arms sales, Boeing - over $ 31 trillion, and BAE Systems - $ 29 billion. The above-Mentioned Russian companies Earned about $ 19 one billion combined.

The results of SIPRI's research can hardly be Referred to as objective. The calculations do not take account of the defense industry of China. The Country Does not expose Such information to the general public. The situation in other countries is with not so clear either. Russia, for example, faced criticism from HAS Repeatedly Western economic experts for the Alleged shortage of transparency in the defense field.On the one hand, it Seems to contribute to the defense of the state security, purpose breeds corruption and power abuse on the other hand.

Selon SIPRI, in four years, about 30 percent of global arms exports fell for the United States. Russian companies Accounted for 24 percent. The list continued with Germany (9 percent), France (8 percent) and the UK (4 percent). As for consumers, there are no "leaders" here. India buys more than others, aim the country accounts for only 10 percent. It is Followed by South Korea (6 percent), Pakistan and China.SIPRI left about 5 percent for the last two countries, it is very hard goal to calculate anything When It Comes to China's defense industry. Remaining 74 percent of the weapons Purchased Were Divided Between other countries.

Interestingly, the sales volume of arms produced by world's largest companies in 2011 as Compared to 2010 Decreased. In 2010, the turnover made up 411.1 trillion dollars and then dropped to 410 in 2011 one billion.

Experts of the Stockholm International Institute explain the decline in sales in 2011 with the fait que Many countries Reduced Their Spending defense. Arms supplies to Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as year arms embargo in Libya Imposed aussi played major role at this year point.

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