Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Indian Ocean: Exercise Chevalier Paul visits between the U.S. and a building

Monday, February 11, in the Gulf of Oman, the air defense frigate (FDA) Paul Knight and the American frigate USS Mobile Bay, currently escorting the aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis, led a common practice visit (VISITEX).

The goal? Perfect approach procedures, progression and building control on the open sea for the purposes of the exercise, the Mobile Bay played the role of a ship capable of transporting narcotics, the Chevalier Paul that a ship Military patrouille.Dans first time, Sir Paul asked the suspect vessel by VHF to verify his identity and nationality. The initial suspicion is reinforced, the commander ordered the dispatch of the visiting team for further investigation.


The twelve members of the visiting team then joined the Mobile Bay on two EDO (Pleasure drome operational). Once boarded, French sailors have taken into account the crew gathered at the front, before gaining control of the gateway. Then, while the team led the ship's visit, the Commissioner examined the documentation (crew list, cargo manifest, logbook, etc..) To confirm or refute the suspicions against the "Customer" .

Canon Mobile Bay

Communication between the head of the visiting team and the Chevalier Paul was permanent. Thanks to radio and video, the action was broadcast in real time in the gateway of the FDA and the commander could decide knowingly follow-up to the visit.

Gateway Mobile Bay

Earlier in the morning, Sir Paul himself had served as a training ground for the dozen Marines boarding team from the Mobile Bay. American and French methods, each with their specific cross this exercise proved to be very informative and debriefing resulted in fruitful discussions on investigative techniques, taking into account the crew and documentation control .

U.S. on CHP

Once the mission is accomplished, it VISITEX ended a particularly friendly by exchanging gifts and a souvenir photo.

Group photo

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