Thursday, February 21, 2013

Russian defense company among the best in the world

OAK Russian aerospace company now part of the twenty largest defense contractors. Institute for Peace Research (SIPRI) published the ranking of the one hundred largest sellers of military equipment in 2011.According to this classification, OAK rose from 21st to 18th place.

According to SIPRI, the Russian company has increased its third arms sales, the total volume was nearly 3 billion euros. Taking into account its civilian production in 2011, the company posted a profit of 3.75 billion euros. Igor Korotchenko, editor of National Defense magazine, believes that this is mainly due to a concentration of resources that the company has managed to achieve such results.

"It is known that large Russian companies, designers and producers of a wide range of aviation equipment. The process of creating the company had inevitably lead to increased production shortly thereafter. Today we are witnessing the good performance of the OAK. '

According to experts, even if the Russian military aviation equipment is highly appreciated in the international market, the 18th place in the ranking should not hamper Russia. Do not forget that the sale of arms has its peculiarities. Roman Gusarov, editor of the website expert and Transport Committee in the Duma discussed its features with Voice of Russia.

"Russia is far from benefiting from the same aid that was granted him the time of the Soviet Union. And it would still do something for Russia, which has a huge scientific and technical potential, can occupy a better position on the market of aviation equipment. Arms sales is a very complex: it is quite politicized.And here are the benefits of a particular product predominate, but the trade and political relations between countries. '

India, China, the countries of South-East, the Middle East and Latin America are still traditional buyers of Russian weapons. According to Igor Korotchenko, Russia could very well be one of the top three exporters of weapons.

"First of all, Russia Sukhoi fighters exports. It is mainly Su-30 are the most requested in the countries of the Asia-Pacific region. Cooperation on the construction project Indo-Russian 5th generation fighter is being developed successfully. Specifications and high reliability of Russian planes provide them a high demand on the world market. We hope that Russia will maintain this market sector, by placing second in terms of the volume of arms exports. '

According to experts, the planes of the Su-30 family were and are still leading in sales. The Russian aircraft advanced training, the Yak-130 has a bright future export. Its aerodynamic configuration and technical specifications are similar to those of a jet fighter. Today, Russia is currently conducting negotiations on the sale of these aircraft. / L

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