Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Switzerland / Gripen: PLR parliamentary groups and UDC confirm their support

Berne (AWP / ats) - The Gripen has every chance in Parliament. In the preamble to the session that starts in a week, PLR and UDC groups have confirmed their support for the purchase of fighter Swedish, PS opposition.

Anxious to be effective Air Force, Liberal Radicals said in a statement that they would support the creation of special funds and the purchase of Gripen. The four conditions they had set in the context of the controversy surrounding the evaluation process are now met in temporary contracts, they write.

UDC parliamentary group, which met Friday and Saturday Wattwil (SG) in the presence of Defence Minister Ueli Maurer, agrees. At almost unanimously - 40 votes against and 2 abstentions - he decided to support the purchase of fighter jet on behalf of the Swedish sovereignty and neutrality.

The PDC had already expressed satisfaction with the explanations provided by Maurer and government message on the Gripen. The Socialist Group has meanwhile reiterated a "not very clear" to the new combat aircraft.


On Thursday, the commission of the security policy of the Council of State had approved the purchase of 22 Gripen by 9 votes against 4. The object should easily cross the course of the Council of State on March 5.

"The capacity of the Gripen is not challenged on our side," explained the president of the commission Hans Hess (PLR / OW). In addition, he was convinced that the financial risks associated with the acquisition can be excluded.

If approved by the Council of States should not be a problem, the score could be a little tighter in the House of the people. A majority of the sub-committee of the National after the file has until recently continued to express doubts about the acquisition.

Scattered voices could be added to that determined opponents are left and Vert'libĂ©raux. The people will have the last word anyway, a referendum being programmed.

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