Saturday, February 23, 2013

Last season shooting air-to Mirage F1

From 18 to 28 February 2013, eleven Mirage F1 (two-seaters) and 17 drivers Reconnaissance Squadron (ER) 2/33 "Savoie" of Mont-de-Marsan participate in their latest campaign shot "air- "Air Base 126 Solenzara. 

The goal of this campaign for airmen of the squadron Mons, along with 80 engineers, is to validate the qualification shooting "air-air", valid for two years and needed to ensure the air defense mission.
Equipped with a 30 mm gun hunters are targets towed by Alphajet the training squadron 2/2 "Cote d'Or".Called "Tac 100", these targets are composed of a panel of fabric which stabilized the structure is driven by 600 meters of cable. At the front, acoustic sensors are attached to count the shells inert and / or tracer, "listened to" by the squadron personnel targetry base that indicates in real time the result to a fighter pilot.It can adapt its shooting or validate password if put two shells, minimum, within a sphere six meters. At each pass, the pilot pulls between 10 and 20 shells and can be repeated up to nine times during a flight.

This specific training is necessary to implement the permanent security posture air (PPS) and preserve the integrity of the national airspace. " In terms of continuously operational (OP), we must be able to make a warning shot or even shoot a real threat, if the high air defense authority gives us the order , said Lt. Col. Benjamin Vinot -Préfontaine,  commanding Reconnaissance Squadron 2/33. Usually used as a reconnaissance aircraft, it must not be forgotten that the Mirage F1 is originally an aircraft air defense. "In addition, the reinforcements brought in occasionally metropolis for the PPS, the Mirage F1 will be deployed in Lithuania to ensure the safety of the airspace of the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania), under the mandate of NATO, from May to September 2013. A first for the fighter pilots, since this task is traditionally provided by the French Mirage 2000. " Take PO Lithuania is an excellent return on investment for last year, at a first firing campaign, we validated the qualification of 25 fighter pilots 2/33 ", said Lieutenant Colonel Vinot- Prefontaine. 

This aircraft exceptional service since 1983, will soon be removed from power. Qualification obtained by the new drivers will now Solenzara and valid until the end of life of the Mirage F1 in the Air Force.

As a reminder, two Mirage F1 is currently deployed air base in N'Djamena, Chad, in favor of the transaction Serval  Mali.

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