Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Demand for specialists in cyber explodes

Faced with successive waves of piracy, the major American and French companies seeking computer genius by any means.

Cyber ​​attacks are increasingly spectacular defenders, they remain very discreet: they do not have the profile of the "hacker" great popularized by Hollywood, but he asked a young engineer. And they are highly sought after. After Facebook , Twitter or the New York Times , Apple announced this week that he was the victim of a cyber attack. President Barack Obama has made ​​cyber threat a theme of his speech on the State of the Union at the beginning and American consultants have pointed to the Chinese army, which has denied. "We know that countries and foreign companies are stealing the confidential information of our company," he told Mr. Obama, who added: "Now our enemies are also trying to sabotage our power grid, our financial institutions, our control systems air traffic. "

As a result, the demand for specialists explodes. United States, it is called a candidate for ten vacancies.In France, too, firms compete with the Ministry of Defence to recruit high-level specialists. "It is no longer an activity of geeks. Has professionalized the business," explains S├ębastien Heon, Director of Political Affairs in Cybersecurity Cassidian, an EADS subsidiary. "This is a little difference between James Bond and the real spies," fun Ternat Christophe, 34, director of missions at Thales Communications and Security. Cybersecurity specialists are "a bit ordinary people, between 25 and 35 years, with an employment contract, but above all passionate," he said.

Bizeul David, 35, is passionate. Out of engineering school at age 23, he started a computer services company. On 11 September 2001, he attended the TV to suicide attacks against the World Trade Center."The security market is going to explode," he predicted. And in 2001, budgets are released to enhance security, including computer companies. While working for big clients, "I started working on the little dark side of the Internet and cybercrime dissect the networks," said David Bizeul.

Experts engaged in "challenges" students

"It is exciting to find the IP (internet protocol) and domain names to trace the history of an attack and sometimes back to the identity of the person causing the chain." In 2006, he was hired by Societe Generale where he developed the first emergency response team Computer (CERT) business in France.CERT is a structure dedicated to handle security incidents and cybercrime. It happened in 2012 at Cassidian Security, hiring to grow in a market with annual growth is estimated at 10%.

One of her specialties is emergency response to a customer. The team must isolate the compromised machine, remove the malware and dissect it, to compare it with a database of threats. David also contributes to recruitment by organizing "challenges" among pupils and students to identify young talent and encourage vocations. "We have difficulty recruiting these experts, too rare while we face the stresses of growing and pressing of our customers," said Jean-Michel Orozco, president of Cassidian CyberSecurity. Thales, leader of cybersecurity in France, promotes recruitment by cooptation, employees are encouraged to nominate candidates they know personally. The new National Security Agency Information Systems, founded in 2009, also recruits a vengeance. Some of the 100 vacancies are posted on its website since November ...

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