Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Air Force Russian team against the Patriot (media)

In 2014, the Russian Air Force will receive a special version of the Su-25 to destroy and bypass air defense systems, writes Izvestia daily on Tuesday.

A source of Staff of the Air Force stated that the testing of the new version of the Su-25 will be completed in May, after which mass production can be started.

"This version is able to identify and eliminate air defense systems as powerful as the U.S. Patriot, several units were planned in Turkey because of civil war in Syria," he said.

Only the United States has so far aircraft capable of removing air defense systems F-16CJ Wild Weasel and EF-18 Growler. Their task is to remove the air defense of the enemy without entering the range, while the new Su-25 can act in this area by attacking air defense systems and other ground targets .

The Su-25 armored and equipped with radar systems on board, even in its most powerful, remains vulnerable to modern air defense. This is why the new aircraft is equipped with a storm system equipped with special antennas under the coating, which detect the direction of the radius and classify the type of source.

The aircraft is also equipped with a detection system and infrared laser and a system of blindness warheads guided in the infrared spectrum. All aircraft systems are integrated in a common complex and the computer automatically takes its decision based on the information received. All this will allow the air assault to dominate in the area of ​​air defense of the enemy, by sending radio waves and infrared jamming.

Hence its tactical and strategic vocation to lead groups of attack aircraft or bombers classics. But it can also act alone.

The independent expert Anton Lavrov confirmed that the new version of the Su-25 must have a defense system more efficient and be equipped with modern missiles antiradars.

The source of the Staff notes that the Patriot Americans are not the only enemies of the new Su-25. But the Russian Air Force can not ignore their appearance in Turkey. The United States, the Netherlands and Germany have provided six Patriot ally of NATO in early winter, deployed to the south and southeast of the country, near the Syrian border.

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