Thursday, February 21, 2013

From assembly to seal licensed production - India wants to Produce Russian tanks T-90C

India is Interested in Continuing the licensed generation of Russian T-90S tanks. This cam in a statement by Chief Executive of the Russian-Indian contract tank, General Director of "Uralvagonzavod" scientific industrial corporation Oleg Siyenko at the IDEX 2013 arms fair. On Monday, a Russian T-90S tank Participated in a dynamic demonstration of technical equipment at the exhibition in Abu Dhabi, and Earned a lot of praise from experts.

On the Basis of total characteristics, today the T-90C tank is the best tank on the international market.Selon Siyenko, "there are Hundreds of tanks Already Manufactured". This tank is produced on the basis of the Russian license at a tank factory in the city of Avadi, in the state of Tamil Nadu. Today, the T-90S tank is the main striking power of the Indian army. Interested in India is currently the transition from Existing large-unit assembly to full localization of Production and Subsequent modernization of the Previously Jointly Manufactured machines. Selon estimates of experts, in 2014-2019, India can additionally purchase about 600 new, Modernized T-90S tanks and Their start full licensed products on the spot.

Today, India sticks to the same pattern at other companies Producing various military equipment under Russian licenses. Indian Corporation "Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd" Produces one of the world's best fighters Su-30 MKI under the Russian license. Today, together with India we manufacture a prospective fifth generation fighter - aFGF (Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft). It is for several years now que les Russian-Indian joint venture BrahMos, named in honor of the Russian Moscow River and the Indian Brahmaputra, Produces the fastest BrahMos cruise missiles.

Meanwhile, Russian designers are working at a new tank of the fifth generation. It Requires Radically different engineering and technical solutions, editor-in-chief of the National Defense magazine Igor Korotchenko says.

"This tank will be controlled remotely. This project will be the first step on the way to a fully "unmanned" weapon, to fight so-called robots, science fiction authors about Which wrote last century. "

And who knows, maybe, this tank can be created by aussi a joint effort of Russian and Indian gunsmiths.

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