Thursday, February 28, 2013

China unveils new stealth missile frigate

China releases details of a new stealth missile frigate. It's share of a military modernization process amid tensions over Beijing's Ongoing maritime claims in the region.
The first ship of the Type 056 class frigates Jiangdao was handed over to China's People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) in Shanghai, home to one of the country 's largest naval shipyards.
The stealth frigate Number 586 is a new design with sloped surfaces made as clean as possible, it HAS aussi Reduced superstructure clutter. It features advanced technologies That will make it harder to detect by radar, visual, sonar, and infrared methods, the Chinese navy Said at their website.
China's brand new vessel is armed with a 76-mm hand gun based on the Russian AK-176 and 30-mm remote weapon systems. The main anti-ship armament Consists of YJ-83 sea-skimming anti-ship cruise missiles in two twin-cell launchers. The primary anti-aircraft armament FL-3000N is one short range missile system with eight rounds. The ship is fitted with a helicopter deck at the stern purpose Has No organic medium helicopter facilities.
At 1.440 tons fully loaded, this frigate cruises at 28 knots Estimated year and has about 2.000 HAS nautical mile range.

It is considerably smaller than U.S. Navy frigates, about 95.5 meters in length, and is categorized as smaller class of ships known as corvettes.
The crew of a ship Requires just 60, one-third the number needed for it icts Type 053H3 frigate the predecessor. This Brings advantages in efficiency, training and recruitment Easier.
Nineteen more frigates of the class to be built are Planned for the PLA Navy.
The Type 056 class frigate fleet will boost the PLAN's Ability to defend territory icts by Patrolling and guarding the waters. It will Have the Ability to anti-submarine operations conduite and marine operations against all targets.
PLAN Forces entered " the new era of mass-production and upgrade in orderly Manner year "officials say is the PLAN's website.
The naval renovation comes as Chinese and Japanese vessels stalked Have Each Other for months around the disputed Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea. Last flare-up was at the end of January When a Chinese frigate Allegedly locked icts weapon-targeting radar is a Japanese vessel, selon the Japan Defense Ministry's. In the past six months, Chinese frigates Have Been Constantly spotted in the waters of the disputed islands.
China Has the second-largest defense program in the world Spending Effective Followed by the U.S. and Russia selon the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.
China HAS aussi beens working on a new generation stealth aircraft. Flight tests of the twin-engine Falcon Eagle Were Carried out in northeastern China last October.
The Chinese navy now about 80 HAS Staff Including Surface warships icts first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning Which was based on the Soviet ship the 'Varyag'. After the Soviet Union collapsed the 'Varyag' ended up in Ukraine. In 1998 China bought it without weapons or engine year and Spent years refurbishing it for research and training purposes.
The Pentagon Estimates China deploys more than 50 aussi submarines, landing about 50 ships and more than 80 missile attack boats

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