Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sapphire is a Canadian satellite launched successfully

Sapphire, the first operational military satellite specializes Canada was successfully launched today at Sriharikota, India, the Indian Space Research Organization.

"It is with great pleasure that I announce the successful launch of Sapphire Canada, "said Defence Minister Peter MacKay. "The investment in the satellite Sapphire makes sense, because it will help to protect billions of dollars in goods space in various fields, such as telecommunications, meteorology, search and rescue, and global positioning systems." the Canadian Satellite Sapphire, an electro-optical space, will track objects created by humans in high Earth orbit to improve knowledge of Canada's spatial location. The data obtained will contribute to Sapphire Space Surveillance Network of the United States, thus enhancing the ability of these countries to detect orbiting objects and avoid collisions between them and space platforms essential. Canada's contribution also provides access to orbital data on space objects. "Launching Sapphire ensure the continued cooperation of the Canadian Armed Forces with other countries in the area of space surveillance," said Vice Admiral Bruce Donaldson, Vice Chief of the Defence Staff. "This milestone marks another important step in reducing threats to our critical space capabilities." Sapphire now turn to the phase of commissioning. During the latter, the main contractor, MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd., Will ensure that the satellite meets all the performance requirements. Once this phase is completed, the

Department of National Defence to conduct a phase of operational testing and evaluation. It is expected that Sapphire will begin to contribute to the network by July 2013. For more information on space situational awareness and satellite Sapphire

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