Monday, February 25, 2013

Piriou completes the assembly building training almak

For navOcĂ©an subsidiary of DCI Piriou and the building of maritime training (BFM) almak see construction move quickly to Concarneau. After cutting the first sheet in September 2012, Piriou currently completing assembly of the hull, while work continues weapons. 44 meters long, the BFM, which is scheduled for delivery in September 2013, will be used mainly for training of trainees organized by DCI in conjunction with the Naval Academy. With a crew of seven people, will embark almak fifteen cadets and perform 35-40 weeks of sailing per year. It may also be used to host student divers, as well as monitoring missions and field experiments at sea equipment. "We look forward to advancing the project almak, which relies on a perfect balance between work teams and Piriou DCI. We look forward to seeing the first trainees form the sea with the BFM next fall, "says Jean-Louis Rotrubin, President of DCI.

Piriou for this project is of paramount importance because almak is the first gray boat designed and built by the shipyard Concarneau, wishing to diversify into the military. "With this ship, we enter the field of military construction, and almak is the symbol of our desire to build for the Defence: one gray boat that looks good other ..." says Pascal Piriou, reminiscent also the partnership with DCI is in the long term, not only with the construction of the ship, but also the maintenance in operational condition over a period of 10 years.

While the site Breton has developed a range of patrol from 25 to 80 meters, and postulates including new programs of the Navy as well as export projects, DCI could, if almak is a success decide to develop a fleet of BFM. Majority owned by the state, the company, which since 1972 provides a training and transfer of know-how to foreign countries, starting with those who have acquired French military equipment, home indeed increasingly Navy trainees. And society do not despair that one day she will also provide training for BFM Sea French sailors. But in the meantime a possible outsourcing, they continue their learning in the fleet of school buildings the Navy.

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