Wednesday, February 27, 2013

RTD delivers his Sherpa to Saudi Arabia and Qatar

While IDEX closes its doors today, Renault Trucks Defense (RTD) has no contract with the United Arab Emirates, still has a high activity in the region. The French armored vehicle manufacturer is currently conducting the delivery of 46 Sherpa Station Wagon and 20 Sherpa Scout Saudi Arabia. This 4X4 armored class of 10 tons is available in different versions: SW offers a large internal volume of more than 10 m3 and the Scout will be dedicated to monitoring border, so most likely equipped with sensors (camera ...) and a teleoperated toureleau 12.7 mm. The 175 hp engine allows it to drive faster than 120 km / h, with a range of 800 km.
Qatar, RTD Book 22 MRAP Higuard and 10 Sherpa APC, late deliveries within the next two months. The Higuard is a tank perched high of 20 tons with good mobility that can accommodate 12 people and their property. It is intended for indoor special forces, including riot missions. It seems that the Arab Spring caused a few scares in the region ... The Qatari vehicle is equipped with a non-lethal weapon that can fire tear gas. As for the Sherpa APC, it would be for the Qatari special forces to counter terrorism missions.APC version can accommodate ten foot plus the two crewmen. It comes with a 12.7 mm machine gun.

Egypt is also a good customer of RTD, Cairo has spent various commands, namely the Sherpa, but also vehicles for law enforcement.

Subsidiary RTD ACMAT also delivered for the first time of his ambulance version ALTV under the contract for the Côte d'Ivoire (read the article here on this contract FOB). 4 × 4 light 3.5 tonnes with a maximum speed of 160 km / h and range of 1600 km, this version is for either first aid or a surgical team. The ALTV ambulance can carry up to four patients in extended versions of evacuation. Medicalized version does not imply a single patient, but a small medical team then has means of intervention (worktop, fridge, sink, etc.)..

Finally ACMAT will be completed by the end of March delivery in Chad's Bastion Patsas. N'Djamena is the first customer of the armored version of the vehicle Bastion. Just delivered, the vehicle is currently deployed in Mali. This armored ten tons can carry five men with full combat gear: circular able to accommodate a 12.7mm machine gun positions and three shots (two rear and one front) for light machine guns .

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