Saturday, July 13, 2013

Second Batch of Gepard Equipped with Sthil-1 Missile

Project 11661K Gepard 3.9 (image : QDND)

Revealing Weapon of 2 New Gepard Warships of Vietnam

According to a spokesman of the Russian shipyard Zelenodolsk, the plant will continue to launch missile corvette pair of Project 11661K Gepard 3.9 for Vietnam Navy in September.

Two ships next Gepard 3.9 (the third and fourth) for Vietnam Navy under the contract to provide additional was signed in 2012 between Russia and Vietnam, after the ship Gepard 3.9 that is capable of performing well for operation in coastal waters in the South China Sea.

Shtil-1 medium-range shipborned anti aircraft missile (photos : igorgroup, datviet)

As revealed by Zelenodolsk plant, two Gepard 3.9 new corvettes will be delivered to the Vietnam Navy in 2016 and and 2017.

However, while 2 missile ship Gepard 3.9 first reception to Vietnam (Dinh Tien Hoang HQ-011 and HQ-012 Ly Thai To) are only equipped weapons configuration primarily for anti-aircraft and close range defense, inability to medium range air defense and anti-submarine. To overcome some of these weaknesses and proposed by the client, the next two Gepard ships, in addition to anti-ship capabilities will be further enhanced anti-submarine capability.

The Vietnam website recently speculated that the likely next 2 Gepard ships will be adding with medium air defense missile system Shtil-1 to fill the gaps in capacity for fleet air defense of Vietnam Navy. However, in 2013 the IMDS naval show exhibition in St. Petersburg, shipyards continue to introduce Gepard new models warship, the model for ships that are coming to play for Vietnam Navy.

In the configuration of the new Gepard ship weapon is equipped with 1 cannon 76 mm AK-176M, close range anti-aircraft guns AK-630M reduced to 1 and artillery systems / Palma air defense missile be increased to 2, simultaneous swap positions 2 weapon system for each other.These two artillery / missile air defense artillery Palma and AK-630M with the close-range defense will multiplied capability, increasing survival at sea when anti-ship missiles of the enemy attack .

Regarding anti-ship weapons systems, two new Gepard ships remain compared to the previous 2 Gepard 3.9 Vietnam Navy (including 8 subsonic anti-ship missile Kh-35 Uran-E, 130 km range) .

For additional capabilities for anti-submarine fleet, 2 Gepard warships equipped with sonar systems, and 2x4 anti-submarine torpedo tubes are emitted from the rear flank of the ship . At the stern there is a landing zone for a helicopter anti-submarine Ka-28 or Ka-31. However hangar containing helicopter has been removed.

It can be said, the addition of anti-submarine warfare capabilities for the next 2 warships Gepard is a right decision of Vietnam Navy, position changes and configurations weapons on board will significantly enhance strength anti-ship and anti-submarine for his "King" of Vietnam Navy.

(Phunu Today)

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