Wednesday, July 10, 2013

New Missiles for Israeli Antitank Brigades

IDF antitank brigades to soon part with the TOW ('Orev') missile, and a new advanced missile will enter use in the coming yearsThe TOW antitank missiles, named Orev by the IDF, will soon stop being used by regular IDF forces, and will be replaced by newer missiles in the coming years.

Work has been underway at the bureau of the IDF's Chief Infantry Officer to examine replacement weaponry since the Second Lebanon War, when TOW missiles were not used and the need arose for more relevant battlefield weaponry.

The IDF Ground Forces antitank battalion layout consists of four teams: three teams utilizing the Orev missile and named for it, and one team that uses the Rafael-produced Gil missile. The three Orev teams will now begin using Gil missiles, and will later be equipped with a new light missile that is currently being examined and tested.

In the meanwhile, the antitank battalion layout fighters will be equipped with a new launcher, which will give them better observation capabilities, and helping the fighters aim in an improved manner.

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