Sunday, July 14, 2013

Seaplane DHC-6 Series 400 Ready to Protect Vietnam's Waters

The pilots first training alongside a DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 400 livery of Air Force Vietnam Navy (photos : ThanhNien)

(TNO) On 10.7, in the province of British Columbia (Canada), corporations Viking Air aircraft manufacturing and its subsidiaries Pacific Aviation has organized the graduation ceremony and pilot training seaplane operators DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 400 (also known as the Guardian 400) for 8 Navy Air Force pilot in Vietnam. This is the first training contract purchased 6 Guardian 400 that the Naval Aviation Vietnam signed with Viking Air.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Ed Fast, Minister of International Trade Canada, confirmed the deal to buy 400 planes Guardian 8 event along with Vietnam pilots completed the training excellent marking a new step in cooperation between the two sides, as well as provide much promise for the future.

Share with Thanh Nien Online, Viking Air representative said the Vietnam began to care about Guardian 400 from 2008. In that year, the Farnborough Airshow held at the Hampshire (UK), the two sides have exchanged Viking Air first and then authorize Canam Active company with offices in Ho Chi Minh City to represent marketing.

Canam has contact with the Navy and Air Force of Vietnam to promote agreement to sell this aircraft multitasking. By May 5.2010, 6 contracts Guardian 400 for Vietnam Navy signed with Viking Air. Pilot training program begins on January 11.2011, with the participation of 38 Air Force pilot in Vietnam Navy, Angie Murray, head of communications for the Viking Air, the Thanh Nien Online revealed. The pilots underwent training lasts 20 months. Of these, 4 months flying with 500 hours total flight time, 1,890 times landing on conventional runways, on soft ground (soil or grass) and on the water.

According to representatives of Viking Air, the aircraft in this contract are fully equipped with modern equipment to perform the task of transport, maritime patrol and surveillance, resupply, search and rescue, in 3 units which are specially equipped to patrol and coastal surveillance. Even in this year of the DHC-6 Twin Otter 400 will be sent to Vietnam to serve for the protection of waters.


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