Thursday, June 27, 2013

T-62 Tanks of the Vietnam People's Army

T-62 tank of the VPA (photo : TienPhong, Baomoi)

T-54/55 is the "backbone" of the rising forces - armored, but the new T-62 is the most modern tanks.

Tank T-62 by the Department of OKB-520 design innovative design from T-54/55 tanks. 1961, T-62 was officially put on the site and soon became the standard line of tanks in the Soviet Army. During the period from 1961-1975, there were 22,700 T-62 production and provide many countries around the world, including Vietnam.

According to data of the Institute for International Peace Studies Stockholm (SIPRI), in the late 1970s Vietnam has received a small amount of aid the main battle tank T-62. At that time, this was considered the most modern tank force increased - armored Vietnam.

The T-62 weighs 40 tons, 9.34 m long, 3.30 m wide and 2.40 m high. Armor vehicle is considered T-54/55 but thicker than regular cast steel so vulnerable before anti-tank ammunition.

The most heavily armored focus in front of the turret and hull numbers 203mm and 102mm respectively. On either side of the turret around 153mm thick, 79mm thick frames, about 20mm thick chassis.

About firepower, T-62 equipped with smooth-bore cannon 2A20 115mm size capable of firing anti-tank missile control (ATGM). Fireworks on the T-62 is not loaded, the device supports automatic rate of fire but can also play at 3-5 / min.

Compared with the 100mm gun T-54/55, T-62 on a 115mm 2A20 clearly greater power. Over 2/3 of the barrel with devices to prevent smoke from the cockpit flying backwards.

However, just as T-54/55, guns only when the highest accuracy when shooting stationary vehicle. If both of the last shot, 115mm artillery fairly poor accuracy due to lack of stable systems and fire control systems.

In addition, there is a turret machine gun 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun and a 12.7 mm anti-aircraft heavy (gunner controls).

T-62 tanks equipped with V-55 diesel engine capacity of 580 hp allowing speeds on flat roads 40-50km / h. Amphibious vehicle capable of 5m deep, but need time to prepare for half an hour (seal the gap, ventilation and exhaust pipe smoke).

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