Friday, June 14, 2013

'Shield' of Vietnam Navy

4k44B Redut-M a mobile coastal defence system with P-35 missiles  (NATO : SS-N-3 Shaddock) with rocket launchers ZIL-135 and placed on BAZ-135MB 8x8 truck vehicle. (all photos : TienPhong, ttvnol)

TPO-owned weapons, powerful ammunition, 679 battalion is considered 'shield' of Vietnam Navy in defenses, protect maritime sovereignty, national continental shelf.

To strengthen defense capabilities, protect maritime sovereignty, islands, national continental shelf, 6/1979, the Ministry of Defense decision 679 Battalion established under Navy (now Union missiles 679 coast of Navy Region 1). Currently, 679 teams have 8 of attached units, detachments and 26 equivalent.

679 teams currently manage, use missile defense system cell bank, used to destroy enemy targets, such as the type of surface combat ships, cargo ships, amphibious ships, maritime works both on the ground and ...

679 teams are often tasked with training, mobility ready to battle along the coast and on the islands, united with the forces of the Navy and other forces fighting to enemy at sea .

Also stationed at a location large city in the north, the unit also has some coastal battlefield and other battlefields from Quang Ninh to Quang Binh

Functions and duties of the missile unit of 679 teams :

Fire division: Armed assault launchers, rocket loaded car TZM. There are rocket mission from the battlefield with or without fortifications fortifications, destroy enemy targets at sea or shore.
Control Station: Equipped with remote control system, including station control centers, radar stations equipped with the uniform.

There mission control missile aimed by radio command signals and attack targets when locked.

Station Specifications: Equipped assembly, inspection station test missiles as KIPS-35B missiles, air compressor, air CT-70, hydraulic station ...

It serves as storage, periodic inspection, assembly, preparation for the handover rocket fire teams for training and fighting.

Information Station - Radar: Equipped with radar MWT-E and the media.

There observer mission, target designation range to 60 nautical miles and communications security commanders, coalition warfare.

Features Specifications of basic missile systems REDUT-M :
Shoot the farthest distance: 300km
Last shot distance: 12 (25) km
Cruise altitude: 400 meters, 4,000 meters, 7,000 m
Last altitude orbit: 24 (100) m
The system can also control missiles to shoot 4 targets.

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