Monday, June 3, 2013

Royal Australian Navy Amphibious Task Group to Benefit from OSI’s T-ACT Solution

OSI's Tactical Asset Control and Tracking System (photo : OSI)

OSI Maritime Systems is pleased to announce the provision of an advanced command, control and situational awareness system to the Royal Australian Navy Amphibious Task Group.
OSI's Tactical Asset Control and Tracking System (T-ACT) will be equipped on two mother ships and 12 landing craft. Designed for close C2 between the mother ships and landing craft, T-ACT will leverage information gained through the use of Warship-AIS, and support the coordination of assets in overt and covert tactical situations.
"T-ACT is at the heart of small craft operations. It provides advanced navigational and situational awareness capabilities to the small craft, and the direct transfer of detailed and safe plans from command," said Jim Davison, director sales and marketing.
"The system provides much operational efficiencies: small craft crews can easily receive, en route, changes and amendments to planned routes, messages and other data. T-ACT is designed to significantly reduce the small craft Coxn / Commander workload and improve operational capability beyond line-of-sight."
T-ACT has a proven track record, performing in a variety of scenarios from maritime interdiction through to port security and high-speed littoral operations. Successes include the use of T-ACT by the UK Royal Navy Fisheries Protection Squadron (FPS), the inclusion of the system in maritime security for the 2010 Winter Olympics, and more recently the 2012 Summer Olympics.
T-ACT is also in use by the US Department of Homeland Security on the Great Lakes, providing a network enabled system that provides localised radar picture back to a centralised Command HQ and provides a distributed picture to the patrol craft.
"OSI is a market leader in advance maritime security technologies, and our success to date is evidence that our customers are realising the value," said Ken Kirkpatrick, president and CEO. "Maritime security is a global challenge - we are proud to be developing and delivering solutions that enhance the operational capabilities, security and safety of our customers."

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