Tuesday, March 19, 2013

SIPRI Report: Weapons Transfers to the Philippines 2012

Radar purchases from American Type MMSR

According to SIPRI notes, Philippine been mengakuisisi four radar types MMSR from Lockheed Martin, the United States. Radar type purchased is AN/TPS-79.

AN/TPS-79 Multi-Mission Surveillance Radar (MMSR) is a tactical medium range radar for air surveillance and traffic control within the air and coastal surveillance applications.

AN/TPS-79 is multi-mission radar and a highly mobile radar system can be transferred by land (vehicle or train), sea or air (with a C-130 transport plane) with the set-up time of less than 90 minutes.

Radar is designed as a "gap filler" middle berjangkauan. Primary surveillance radar coverage to 60 knot (111 km) and secondary surveillance radar coverage was 120 sea mile (222 km).

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