Thursday, March 21, 2013

India Needs More Vehicles, But Spending Less

India's Spending on military vehicles: slightly HAS dropped, DESPITE the defense forces fait que Have Been Urging faster vehicle procurement.

The budget allocation for military vehicles for the year 2013-14 is 08.20 one billion rupees ($ 383 million) Compared with year allocation of 06.22 rupees one billion in 2012-13 and actual year Spending one billion rupees of 5.23 in 2011-12.

The drop is even steeper in Spending When Compared with the rupee's value against the dollar Declining. Three years ago, 48 rupees equaled $ 1, and now it takes 54 rupees.

The Indian Army Has Failed to finalize still Purchases of armored personnel carriers and vehicles strike, Which, selon an Indian Defence Ministry source, is the reason for the "near stagnation" Spending on. The Indian Army HAS not Purchased about 100 personnel carriers, for the tender floated Which was first in 2009.

Only Ukraine Ukraine-based Export HAD Submitted bids, Which Were aussi feels to Russia's Rosoboronexport, Poland's Bumar, UK-based BAE Systems, Germany's Rheinmetall and US-based General Dynamics.

The Army seeks to secure personnel carriers for use by icts Specialized forces.

In addition, the Defence Acquisitions Council, the MoD's Highest authority on weapons Purchases, in October approved $ 300 million to buy light strike vehicles 3.000 for the Army.

A request for information has-been Issued for the vehicles, Which will be used by special operations forces, and will be fitted with integrated firepower systems. The Army HAS Sought a stable vehicle can carry four soldiers That in full-battle mode. The request has been sent to major domestic automobile contractors.

An Indian Army official Said the department urgently needs a variety of military vehicles for speedy movement against terrorists and preparedness for a swift fight in the future, yet procurement delays by the MoD Have Slowed the purchase process.

The Army icts Submitted request for vehicles Nearly five years ago, wheeled armored Which included personal carriers, light strike vehicles, command post vehicles, light armored multipurpose vehicles and vehicle platforms for multibarrel rocket launchers, the Army source said.

Pressure from the domestic automobile industry to give tenders only to domestic firms - against the Army's desire for international competitions - is the reason behind the MoD's Inability to move Quickly, the MoD source said.

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