Thursday, March 21, 2013

Indonesia - Belarus Remote Weapon System Production Deal

Defense Minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro say, Indonesia and Belarus have agreed to jointly produce or remote control operator for weapons to be installed in production Anoa Panser PT Pindad.

According to Purnomo, the dipayungi work together in a joint Memorandum of Understanding was signed himself with the Chief State Military Industrial Committee of Belarus Sergei Gurulev the independent Palace, Jakarta, on Tuesday.

"That experience just the'' joint production'' (co-production)'' remote weapon systems (RWS)'' for use in Panser Anoa," he said.

It says, for these'' remote control'' was purchased from Belarus, with the same work will later be produced jointly between Indonesia and Belarus.

"So the value added to us, we can open opportunities, joint investments," he said.Moreover, according to him, the increase in cooperation for the defense industry to the next can be improved. In addition to the co-production'' remote-controlled weapon station (RCWS) ", according to Purnomo could be improved to produce a vehicle carrier that can carry two tanks and tank'''' anti-tank missile guide.

It adds, Belarus has the ability proficiency in weapons technology as one of the breakdown of the Soviet Union. "So first before breaking the Soviet Union, there was industry in many areas. Well in Belarus, there were defense industry," he said.

Meanwhile, President Director Pindad A Soedarsono sister says, "remote weapon system" that will be produced will be embedded in Panser Anoa to be able to handle the weapon from the Panser.

"So later on Anoa's no need to have people on it.'s Production in Pindad," he said.

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