Thursday, December 29, 2011

Warfare centre to help fight terrorism: US envoy (Bangladesh)

The commissioning of Special Warfare and Diving Salvage Centre (SWADS) in Chittagong and the installation of Radiation Detection System (RDS) in its port will help Bangladesh protect its maritime border and combat terrorism, the US Ambassador said on Tuesday.
Van W Mozena was talking to reporters after the inaugural ceremony of the computerised Container Terminal Management System and RDS at the Chittagong Port.
The ambassador said the commissioning of SWADS centre at the BNS Issa Khan Naval Base is a result of a partnership between America and Bangladesh.
He said the centre would create capacity and capability for Bangladesh to defend its maritime borders against piracy, terrorism, smuggling of drugs, human-trafficking and stealing of fish, and also to protect maritime assets.
“My government has contributed 28 million dollars to support the establishment and the growth of SWADS centre through providing equipment and training,” Mozena said.
He said the installation of RDS system in Chittagong Port is also very important.
The project helps screen containers coming into Bangladesh and leaving the country for nuclear and radioactive materials.
Mozena said Bangladesh now sends its export items to various markets around the world, including America. All these markets are protected against nuclear materials and radioactive items.
Bangladesh can protect itself against terrorism through the system, he hoped.
Under the RDS system installed in July, 12 portal monitors have been set up at four entry gates of the port, said sources, adding that the USA has spent $15 million to set up the system.

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