Friday, December 30, 2011

Boeing sold 84 F-15 fighters to Saudi Arabia

The U.S. company wins a contract on December 29 over 22 billion euros.

This is the Obama administration announced the news. Hunters designed by Boeing will be equipped with advanced electronic technologies. The contract provides for the sale of 84 units, but also the modernization of 70 hunters older.

For over a year since the U.S. had given the green light from Congress to sell these devices. But the process was slowed in response to tensions in the region.

According to the White House this contract will create 50,000 American jobs and strengthen regional cooperation in defense matters with Saudi Arabia.

"It demonstrates the U.S. commitment in favor of Saudi Arabia in terms of strong defense capability, which is a key element of security in the region, said Andrew Shapiro, a senior State Department. At the Clearly, a threat to Saudi Arabia is Iran. "

Washington as Ryad worry Tehran's nuclear program, suspected of seeking to develop atomic weapons under cover of a civilian energy program. "This contract is a strong message sent by Washington," says he.

Tehran has threatened in recent days to close the Strait of Hormuz, through which a third to 40% of global oil traffic in case of new international sanctions against its controversial nuclear program, a move that would expose the Islamic republic to a reaction Military of the United States.

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