Monday, December 26, 2011

A clear photo of J-10B Fighter Radar

The well-known Jane's has reported the exist of J-10B and fortunately lots of Chinese aviation fans use their digital cameras to be volunteer reporters for western medias.

According to new Chinese internet images appear in june 2011, says that the new J-10B version of Chengdu's canard fighter is fitted with an electronically scanned array radar. It could be a Rafale-type passive ESA, but that's improbable in 2011 -- it is more likely an active ESA, its development quite likely aided by China's massive campaign of cyberespionage.

Now there is a better image available to digging the truth of J-10B fire-control radar.
 In 2011, China will give Pakistan a squadron of the advanced J-10B multi-role, all-weather fighter aircraft in a bid to boost the strategic reach of its close ally, a media report has said.

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