Friday, May 10, 2013

Second Vietnam Submarine Undergoes Sea Trials

Submarine HQ-183 Ho Chi Minh began the journey from the sea to the test on 28/4 past, exactly 4 months after launch (on 28.12.2012).
According to Russian media, after a launch time and perfect, second Kilo 636 submarines Vietnam Navy has begun the process of running sea trials.
Under the plan, submarine Ho Chi Minh will undergo the same tests as the challenges that the  Hanoi submarine had undergone. If the plan does not change anything, Ho Chi Minh submarines will be transferred to Vietnam in late 10/2013.
In 2/2013 in the workshop of  Admiralty Verf shipyard started cutting metal for 6 Kilo 636 submarines, at the same time, this is also the last 6 submarine export order submarines to Vietnam.
Additionally, Admiralty Verf plant has also planned to launch fourth Kilo submarines for Vietnam this year.
In particular, Kilo submarines are expected to launch in 8/2013, ie the time of Kilo submarines launched Hanoi approximately 1 year.

This summer, submarines Hanoi will start undergoing testing state, then it will be tested, finishing some specs before handing over to customers in 9/2013.

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