Wednesday, May 15, 2013

3rd Vietnam Kilo submarines Named HQ 184 Ha Phong

The newspaper reported that the Russian shipbuilding, 3rd 636MV Kilo submarines launched preparations for Vietnam will be placed, Hai Phong 184 named as the famous harbor city of Vietnam.There at home Admiralty Shipyards are rushing to complete the final stages of the submarine.
This page also predicted the 4th submarine will be named 185 Da Nang, 5th submarine named 186 Khanh Hoa and the 6th named 187 Vung Tau in the name of the city along the famous sea in Vietnam sea.
Expected Kilo 184 submarines Hai Phong will be launched in 8/2013. Besides, two submarines had launched the previous Hanoi 182, and Ho Chi Minh 183 is conducting operations at sea testing and static testing at the factory.
Hanoi submarine has made more than 100 dives in various test in different depths, the test will meet and surpass the requirements set forth. Expected Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh submarine will be handed over to Vietnam in late 2013.
Besides, it is also rushing to complete training center Kilo submarines for Vietnam, the center is expected to go into operation in late 2013. With the help of Russia, Vietnam is one step firmly in shaping electric submarine fleet - diesel is top rated area.

Training Centre of Vietnam Kilo submarines are evaluated leading modern area, the center will be an important tool to leapfrog Vietnam to all the high-tech equipment in the Kilo submarine.

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