Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Chinese warships dock in Algiers for a 4 day stop

Chinese naval detachment consisting of two frigates and a refueling tanker ship, docked Tuesday morning at the port of Algiers for a four-day visit, said the news agency APS.

This stop is "the first of its kind for Chinese warships in Algeria," said Lt. Col. Mohamed Kaddour.

It aims to strengthen "bilateral military cooperation between the Algerian Navy and the Chinese Navy," the source said.

With a length of 135 meters, the two missile frigates, "Huangshan F-570" and "Hengyang F-568" has a crew of 190 men and weigh 41,000 tons full load, said the officer.

The two frigates are equipped including six torpedoes, two rocket launchers and a helicopter, he added.

The tanker-tanker with a crew of 130 people, is 191 meters long and weighs 37,000 tons at full load.

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