Friday, April 5, 2013

BAE Systems Wins Naval Gun Deal for Malaysian SGPV

BHIC Bofors Asia Set To Benefit From Naval Guns Contract To Bae Systems
KUALA LUMPUR, April 4 (Bernama) -- The contract to BAE Systems for the sale of six 57mm Mk 3 naval guns to the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) is set to benefit BHIC Bofors Asia Sdn Bhd.
BHIC Bofors Asia is a joint venture between Boustead Heavy Industries and BAE Systems.
"Our aspiration is to transfer work to our BHIC Bofors Asia joint venture," said BAE Systems Integrated Systems Director, Ulf Einefors.
The contract, worth approximately RM175 million, was granted to BAE Systems this week by the systems integrator, Contraves Advanced Devices, which is itself a joint venture between Boustead Heavy Industries and Rheinmetall Air Defence AG.

The 57mm naval gun, designed by BAE Systems in Karlskoga, Sweden, will equip the Malaysian Navy's Second Generation Patrol Vessel - Littoral Combat Ships (SGPV-LCS).

The contract includes ammunition hoists, simulator and initial support.

BHIC Bofors Asia has operations in Kuala Lumpur, Lumut and Kota Kinabalu to carry out maintenance and spares support for the RMN and the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency.

"The company could initially support us with production and local procurement of components as part of our global sourcing programme.

"Then, under a separate transfer of technology programme, assembly and test of the guns, as well as expanding existing maintenance support activities are likely to follow," Einefors said in a statement.

BAE Systems 57mm Mk3 will be the main gun for SGPV-LCS (photo : mumuci)

Meanwhile, the six versatile SGPV-LCS ships are being built by the shipyard to a design by the French DCNS company.

They are designed for a wide range of missions including combat, anti-piracy, counter-terrorism, anti-smuggling operations, search and rescue, humanitarian support, as well as the protection of fisheries and oil and gas platforms.

The first gun, will be built at Karlskoga in Sweden, and will be ready for delivery to the Boustead Naval Shipyard in mid-2015 and Malaysian industry will be increasingly involved as the programme develops.

This latest contract underlines the importance BAE Systems places in establishing long term industrial partnership in Malaysia, the company said.

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