Friday, August 31, 2012

TNI AL Klewang Completion Quick Ship Missile Launch Antiradar

                                       quick ship missiles trimarans Klewang 625

Fast ship missile manufacturing process (KCR) TNI AL owned trimarans already finished. Sophisticated vessels produced PT. Lundin Industry Invest, Klatak villages, districts Kalipuro, Banyuwangi Friday will be launched
 In the launch of a new fleet of TNI AL Klewang named KLEWANG/KCR TRIMARAN KLEWANG will present a number of high officers of Headquarter TNI AL. KCR ship trimarans is ordering the Ministry of Defence (Kemenhan) RI to strengthen the fleet TNI AL.

 President Director of PT. Lundin Industry Invest, Mr. John Lundin explained, KLEWANG/KCR TRIMARAN KLEWANG have made ​​based on the updated design model amortising three trimarans or ship. The base material used is a composite material and have a length of 63 meters.

KLEWANG/KCR TRIMARAN KLEWANG , obviously Lundin, belong to one of the largest ship amortising many made ​​in Southeast Asia. To form a radical lunasnya, the ship can be moved forward with the maximum speed of over 30 knots. "The ship can pass up the ocean waves as high as six meters," said Lundin.
 Our ability Klewang one idealized and proud is stealth. This ship was designed specifically so that are not detected by any radar. Reason, Klewang Our unique design and material is essentially carbon fiber.

Carbon fiber has unique characteristics, that do not induce heat and stronger than steel but much lighter. "Our worthy Klewang be truly proud of Indonesia as one of the highlights of the defense equipment produced national defense industry," said Lundin proud.
Base commander TNI AL Banyuwangi, Letkol Muhammad Nazif added, KLEWANG/KCR TRIMARAN KLEWANG is the only speedster TNI AL combatan using composite materials. The main task will diemban ship is as quick ship missiles capable of performing peacekeeping operations and combat marine sea. "The job enhancement, marine security patrols, security of natural resources and vital objects in the sea," he said.

KLEWANG/KCR TRIMARAN KLEWANG  can perform security patrols sea with economical speed and continuous operation in the area for 10 days. In addition, KLEWANG/KCR TRIMARAN KLEWANG also has high speed and is capable of performing marine operations combined with various other ship type. "The ship was also meiliki modern equipment in order to target your target classification, observation, and identification," he said.

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  1. sorry buddy,may I correct your's KRI KLEWANG/KCR TRIMARAN KLEWANG not PERTAMINA KLEWANG...KCR it's means Kapal Cepat Rudal/fast patrol missile ship...thank's buddy for your posting about our first stealth battleship....



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