Friday, August 31, 2012

RG33 SOCOM Armored Utility Variant AUV

RG-33 SOCOM Armored Utility Variant (AUV) The BAE Systems RG-33 Special Operations Command (SOCOM) Armored Utility Variant (AUV) MRAP is a modified Commercial Off-The-Shelf vehicle designed from the ground up to reduce casualties and increase survivability for personnel subjected to mine explosions, improvised explosive device (IED) detonations and small arms fire.
The RG-33 SOCOM AUV provides 12,000 pound cargo payload and 36,000 pound towing capability  to enhance SOCOM operations. Large ballistic windows provide excellent situational  awareness and multiple access points allow for rapid entry and egress of the crew. In addition, the vehicle features an Automatic Fire Suppression System (AFSS) and a combat-proven, V-shaped hull  that provides superior blast protection against symmetrical, asymmetrical and unconventional explosive hazards.
The highly survivable RG-33 platform is backed by our world-class flexible manufacturing network and by our full spectrum of engineering and logistics services.


Adaptable to multiple missions.


Protection against Anti-Tank mines, IEDs, overhead blasts and ballistic threats.


Transportable by land, rail, sea and air.


Gross vehicle weight: 74,000 lbs
Payload (GVWR-CW): 15,637 lbs
Configuration type: 6x6
Personnel capacity: 4
Engine: 600 hp
Speed: 64 mph
Turning diameter (curb to curb): 93 ft
Slope: 60%
Overall length: 348 inches
Width: 109 inches
Height: 112 inches
Ground clearance: 14 inches

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