Friday, September 27, 2013

India to renovate 4 Russian-built diesel submarines

India plans to repair and upgrade four diesel-electric submarines similar to the Sindhurakshak that sank in August, and two of these submarines will be overhauled in the Russian Federation. Eugene Shustikov, deputy general director of the Zvyozdochka shipyard told RIA Novosti on Tuesday at the first NAMEXPO 2013, a naval and maritime expo.
"Two weeks ago during negotiations, the Indians informed Zvyozdochka that Indian naval headquarters decided to perform its second mid-level repairs to extend the life of the four diesel-electric Kilo-class submarines. Two of them will be overhauled at the same time in Russia beginning in 2015, and when those are completed, two more Project 877 EKM submarines will be overhauled in India at Indian shipyards," he said.

Shustikov said that it will take about 27 months to overhaul the submarines in Severodvinsk. "We signed a work protocol that included these terms, and the Indian side has been informed that naval headquarters sent all of the necessary documents to the Ministry of Defence for the final decision," he added.
He said that when approval is granted, the Indian Defence Ministry will send an official application to Zvyozdochka. "We expect that this will be at the end of this year," said the deputy director.

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